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Set r & D, manufacturing, sales, technical services as one

        Quanzhou Golden drill machinery Co., LTD specializes in manufacturing stone carving machine, three-dimensional carving machine, woodworking carving machine, jade carving machine, mold carving machine, computer engraving machine and a series of professional CNC equipment.With an area of more than 20 mu and a floor area of 13,000 square meters, the standard, semi-automated assembly line production plant was officially put into use.The company integrates r&d, manufacturing, sales and technical services. The company has the talent and technical advantages of many domestic universities such as Technical University, Anhui University and Hefei University of Technology, which lays a solid foundation for the development and exploration of the company.The company has now become a CNC engraving machine production and export large enterprises, stone carving machine has been in a leading position in China, and once passed the CE certification, ROHS certification and BV certification, and in 2011 won the advertising pioneer list - carving industry pioneer title.The sales network covers all regions of the country, and the products are now exported to more than 60 countries and regions such as Europe, America, Southeast Asia and the Middle East.








Perform strict acceptance inspection on all products and raw materials supplied by suppliers

Strict quality control is carried out throughout the whole manufacturing process from the start of feeding to finished products

Work to the strictest standards throughout the assembly process

24 hours aging of all equipment to ensure that each factory equipment and accessories fully run in, high performance

Complete quality inspection and control according to the production instruction sheet of inspection standard before storage of finished products



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The equipment is mainly used in natural granite, marble, jade, blue stone, artificial stone and other stone carving automatic carving equipment.Such as lettering (pattern), embossing, image carving, cutting edge, etc., with the characteristics of simple operation, low energy consumption, low noise, labor-saving, no dyeing, high rate, high precision and so on.

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  • What is the operation process of engraving machine

    What is the operation process of engraving machine

    Steps for proper operation of stone carving machine:

    1. Before starting the stone carving machine, make sure that all the connections between the machine and the computer are normal, and then turn on the power supply of the machine and the computer.After the system is started, enter the NCStudio NUMERICAL control system.

  • Does the engraving machine need maintenance

    Does the engraving machine need maintenance

    Stone engraving machine is precision CNC equipment, necessary daily maintenance and maintenance of the machine is vital to the service life and accuracy.Please follow the following requirements for maintenance and maintenance.

  • Stone carving machine carving depth is abnormal how to

    Stone carving machine carving depth is abnormal how to

    Stone engraving machine carving depth is not normal how to return a responsibility stone carving machine carving deeper and deeper from another Angle is actually the Z axis problem, the common reason is the Z axis drive block failure, at this time we can simply test.Switch the X-axis and z-axis drivers, then start up and try. If the Z-axis problem is solved, it is the driver

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  • Wood carving machine and stone carving machine

    Wood carving machine and stone carving machine

    1 in terms of processing speed

    In the processing speed, stone carving machine and wood carving machine compared to a lot of slower, stone hardness than wood.However, the precision of stone carving is higher than that of woodworking carving machine, and the engraving strength is smaller.Woodworking engraving machine processing speed, but precision

  • How to remove the noise of stone carving machine

    How to remove the noise of stone carving machine

    Stone carving machine - since the 20th century has always maintained a strong vitality, so that China's carving equipment rapid development, among the world's stone carving machine production country ranks.In the past two years, the export of stone carving machine seems not to be affected by the financial crisis, still maintain the momentum of continuous growth, which is the development of Western co stone carving machine

  • Analysis of stone carving machine layer carving skills

    Analysis of stone carving machine layer carving skills

    Stone carving machine is different from other types of carving machine, because the design and production of this stone is more difficult than other materials, so it has higher configuration requirements and operational skills.In the use of stone carving machine is commonly used layer carving, there is no little skill, small make up can not say.Today is a detailed introduction to the techniques of layered engraving.




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