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Wood carving machine and stone carving machine

1 in terms of processing speed

In the processing speed, stone carving machine and wood carving machine compared to a lot of slower, stone hardness than wood.However, the precision of stone carving is higher than that of woodworking carving machine, and the engraving strength is smaller.Woodworking carving machine processing speed, but the accuracy is far less than stone carving machine high;Wood carving can not only carve but also cut wood at the same time. Stone carving machine can only carve the appearance.

2 in mechanical design

The difference in mechanical aspects is the different transmission methods.Woodworking engraving machine USES rack drive method, strength is big, speed is fast, because there is clearance between gears, engraving precision is a little bit lower.The transmission method of stone carving machine adopts high precision square guide, high precision, long life, but the processing strength is not big.

3. In terms of processing technology

Woodworking carving machine can be used for embossing, flat carving and three-dimensional carving of wood doors, furniture, flat furniture, Buddha statues and other materials.Stone engraving machine is used for stone carving, relief, line carving, hollow-out and other carving processing

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