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Stone carving machine carving type

Stone carving machine 1, flat carving.Engraving machine flat carving is basically carved in stone, the main image is carved out, so that the screen concave.Flat carving is basically painting on a flat medium, basically no real carving.The flat carved pattern should maintain a certain height and depth with the carved surface.

2. Reliefs.The relief is a two-dimensional object.The image is perfectly preserved, the rest is eliminated, the picture is convex on the object.Anaglyph is a type of sculpture in which the sculptor carves the image he wants to create on a flat surface, leaving it out of the plane of the original material.Relief sculpture is the product of the combination of sculpture and painting, the way to deal with the object compression, by perspective and other factors to show the three-dimensional space, and only for one or two sides of the view.Reliefs are usually attached to another plane, so they are more often used in architecture and often seen on utensils and objects.As a result of its compression characteristics, occupies a small space, so suitable for a variety of environmental decoration.

3. Image carving.Image carving, as the name suggests, is its sculptural image lifelike, just like photography.Image carving is a new technology developed and innovated on the basis of the early "needle black and white" technology. On the blue SLATE with only 1.5cm thick and polished, various kinds of miniature steel chisels of different thickness are used for carving and processing, and the corresponding image is carefully carved.

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