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How to remove the noise of stone carving machine

Stone carving machine - since the 20th century has always maintained a strong vitality, so that China's carving equipment rapid development, among the world's stone carving machine production country ranks.In the past two years, it seems that the export of stone carving machines has not been affected by the financial crisis and still keeps the momentum of continuous growth, which is why the development of Secco stone carving machines provides a good external environment.Stone carving machine as a kind of numerical control tools, he can easily complete the accurate digital positioning and can run smoothly, the accuracy is more than ten times higher than traditional equipment, especially when gravity stone arc more reflect the strength of the numerical control equipment, greatly facilitate the users, is can't be matched by traditional tools, so the stone are popular with the customers.

The following on the stone carving machine noise problem for everyone to do a solution:

Stone carving machine is generally used stepper motor, stepper motor every step there is a stop, there is a noise is normal.In a certain frequency, stone carving machine will also produce resonance body, send out obvious noise.This kind of noise will not affect the normal use of the machine.

The noise affecting and harmful to stone carving machine is mainly manifested as the following two types:

1, stone carving machine spindle motor running abnormal noise.

This kind of noise generation, proves that stone carving machine spindle bearing quality problems or spindle bearing service life has reached, or wear after the quality decline or damage, you can consider replacement.

2, stone carving machine axial movement of abnormal sound.

This kind of phenomenon of stone carving machine mostly exists in X-axis.Most axial motor bearing damage or X-axis guide lack of lubricating oil, too dirty, too tight, ball wear, ball drop, etc., must be dealt with in time.

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