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Analysis of stone carving machine layer carving skills

Stone carving machine is different from other types of carving machine, because the design and production of this stone is more difficult than other materials, so it has higher configuration requirements and operational skills.In the use of stone carving machine is commonly used layer carving, there is no little skill, small make up can not say.Today is a detailed introduction to the techniques of layered engraving.

Stone carving is generally very large concave and convex, flat carving looks more close to three-dimensional carving, so this requires a very large depth of carving, and the carving machine tool is the maximum depth of the knife is limited, in addition, the stone material determines a depth of carving can not be too deep, otherwise easy to damage the tool and equipment.Therefore, it is necessary to use layered sculpture.

Normally we create the model by image, open the engraving pattern, set the size of the relief and the depth of the relief, which refers to the total depth of the relief.After setting up, we click the 3D rendering to preview the relief effect.The next step is to generate the tool path.Select "processing relief", first select the tool, here to pay special attention to, in the tool editing parameters there is a "cutting step distance", this value is the distance of each layer under the knife, can be set according to the hardness of the material and the quality of the tool.Under the tool selection there is a "multi-Z-axis layer cutting", remember to check the box at the end of the layering.Enter the desired depth of the first layer in the z-axis height of the first path, and the value is negative;The z-axis height of the last path is entered as the total depth of the relief and is also negative.The rest of the setup is the same as if you didn't need to sculpt in layers.

With everything set up, we can simulate the tool path, and we can see that the resulting path is computed hierarchically.The path can be imported into the stone engraving machine control system for layered processing.

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