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What is the operation process of engraving machine

Steps for proper operation of stone carving machine:

1. Before starting the stone carving machine, make sure that all the connections between the machine and the computer are normal, and then turn on the power supply of the machine and the computer.After the system is started, enter the NCStudio NUMERICAL control system.

2. After opening the control system, select the "Back to mechanical Origin" menu.The machine will automatically return to the mechanical origin and correct the system coordinate system.In some cases, the user does not have to perform a mechanical reset operation, such as after the last normal shutdown, when the machine is restarted and the last operation is resumed.When the NCStudio system exits normally, the current coordinate information is saved.Alternatively, if the user confirms that the current location is correct, this action may not be performed.

3. Before processing, the user generally needs to load the required processing program, otherwise, some functions related to automatic processing are invalid.Select "open (F)| open (O)..."Menu, which brings up the Windows standard File action dialog box, from which you can select the drive, path, and file name where you want to open the file.After clicking the "Open" button, the processor loads the system.

4. Determine the origin of the workpiece, manually walk the X and Y directions of the stone engraving machine to the desired origin position of the workpiece, select the menu "set the current point as the origin of the workpiece", or reset the coordinate value of the current position in the coordinate window, so that the processing will start from the current position when the processing program is executed.

Configuration of stone carving machine:

1. Light stone carving machine 1224 screw drive, cast iron bed body, 3KW round rail motor, stepper motor 450A.Weihong control system (computer control), low price

2, rack drive, with stone carving machine square pipe seamless machine tool, circular rail 25.It's a common one.3 k / 4.5 kw motor.You can also choose bevel rack, stepper motor 450A or 450B, the latter larger.

3, high matching: heavy stone carver seamless pipe welding machine T-bed, steel gantry, stepper motor 450B, driver 860, rack drive Taiwan Upper silver square rail.The high cost.The price is high.

4, stone wood carving machine (with wood carving machine configuration, add a stainless steel sink).Rack square rail 3KW / 4.5KW spindle motor, stepper motor 450B, drive 860.

To sum up, now commonly used in the market is the matching stone carving machine, rack drive circular rail 25, 4.5 KW motor, popular machine.The selection of oblique rack is better, the contact area is large, the speed is fast, the precision is high.It is more powerful against hard rock.The price is moderate.Please consult us in detail if necessary.

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