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What are the main applications of stone carving machines?

The equipment is mainly used in natural granite, marble, jade, blue stone, artificial stone and other stone carving automatic carving equipment.Such as lettering (pattern), embossing, image carving, cutting edge, etc., with the characteristics of simple operation, low energy consumption, low noise, labor-saving, no dyeing, high rate, high precision and so on.It is the engraving and processing equipment in the industries of tablet inscription, shadow carving, stone carving, jade carving, decoration, kitchen and bathroom, furniture, signage, handicrafts and so on.

Through typesetting design software, and then through the computer output directly can be carved on the stone according to their own design of the text, patterns and so on.High precision, can be fine engraving 1MM of small characters, engraving error within 0.02MM.At the same time to ensure the accuracy, also have a strong power.And engraving software can be designed to carve difficult three - dimensional characters (also known as pointed bottom characters), three-dimensional strong, the overall effect is very elegant, generous, with high artistic value.

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