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Stone carving machine factory should know some knowledge about stone carving

In recent years, with the continuous improvement of people's material and cultural living standard and the constant change of aesthetic point of view, the application of stone carvings is also expanding.Its quantity is huge, the category is various, it is a kind of most in natural stone material product, also be a kind of big in abnormity stone material product.

Its processing skill requirements and difficulty is far higher than other types of stone products, it is the perfect combination and embodiment of artistic thinking creation.At present, the stone carving that becomes batch processing has more than one hundred kinds, have already the integral that must use lifting equipment to install or combination type huge carve piece, also have can be placed in palm, float in water surface, hang at the neck or the unfortunate appreciation that wears in wrist taste and adornment.

For many kinds of stone carving, there is no unified national standard at present, and it is difficult to accurately classify.According to the development in recent years, combined with the traditional habits, stone carvings can be classified according to the following four methods.

1. Classification according to different USES

1, ornamental, hanging and collection of stone crafts jewelry stone carving.Such as kind of jade decorations, all kinds of ornamental stones and furnishings.This kind of stone carving is relatively small in size.

2. Grottoes and Cliff carvings.Such as Dunhuang Grottoes, Yungang Grottoes, Longmen Grottoes, etc.

3. Stone carving in the Cemetery.Such as a variety of stone tombs, sarcophagi, tomb offerings.

4. Stone sculptures of palaces, mansions and gardens.For example, the Imperial Palace in Beijing, the Summer Palace, Hebei Chengde Mountain Villa are equipped with very classic stone carvings.

5. Temple, temple and altar stone carving.For example, the pillars, columns and shrines in the Yonghe Lama Temple in Beijing and the Confucian Temple in Shandong are all stone carvings.

Stone bridge stone carving.For example, the stone sculptures on Zhaozhou Bridge in Hebei, and the stone lions on Lugou Bridge in Beijing, etc.

7, stone que and archway stone carving.Such as the Temple stone stele stone carving.

8. Stone carving of tower building.Such as various stone towers.

9. Tablets and stone carvings.Such as various monuments, mausoleums and so on.

10. Stone sculptures of people and animals.Such as celebrity statues, Buddha statues, stone lions and so on.

11. Stone carving for life craft supplies.Such as table, chair, stool, tea table, lamps and lanterns, ink and inkstone, etc.

12. Modern urban gardens and commemorative stone carvings.Such as large-scale city sculpture, garden sculpture and memorial sculpture.

Two, according to carved pieces of different types

1. Three-dimensional stone carving.They include cubist figures, animal statues, fireplaces, carved stigmas, etc.

2. Flat stone carving.Includes relief, picture frame, picture frame, transparent carving pane, lettering board, stone carving painting, image carving and line carving, etc.

Three, according to the processing tools used different classification

1. Hand-carved objects.Namely chisel, hammer, chisel and other hand tools chisel products.

2, semi-mechanized processing carving.Namely part with manual, part with mechanical processing of stone carving.

3, automatic CNC machining carving products.

4, sandblast sculpture.Use a sand blast engraving machine for engraving.Sand blast engraving machine is made by using air machine (air pressure 5-6kg/ m2) and emery spray at the product engraving place.

5. Chemically etched sculptures.Namely, the chemical reaction between the chemical etching solution and the stone can be used to carve the stone.There are two kinds of convex carving (relief carving) and concave carving.

Four, according to the traditional carving piece surface modelling way different classification

1, relief: namely in the stone surface carving three-dimensional sense of the image, is a semi - vertical body sculpture.Because the image floats on the stone surface and said relief.According to the different degree of lithotomy, it is divided into low relief and high relief.Bas-relief is a single level statue, the content is relatively simple, there is no hollow-through carving.High relief is a multi-level statue, the content is more complicated, more use of open carving techniques hollow, more attractive.Reliefs are often used to decorate the walls of buildings, as well as temple dragon columns and drum holding.The imperial road in the Imperial Palace in Beijing is embossed.

2, garden carving: is a single three-dimensional pseudo-modeling art, stone each face is required for processing, technology with hollow-out techniques and fine chopping.There are many kinds of such carvings, most of which are made of a single stone, while some are made of several pieces of stone. In recent years, many kinds of miniature products have been developed in this kind of carvings, some of which are as small as fruit cores and some are as thin as wings. They are even more ingenious and ingenious, and are called "micro-carvings".This kind of product has completely separated from the building practical and become pure handicraft, as a result of small and more convenient to carry, for the commemorative treasures, the prospect of development is very good.

3, Sunken carving: also known as "line carving", that is, the use of "water grinding flowers" carving method of art.This kind of carving method absorbs traditional Chinese painting and meaning, overlapping, line modeling and scatter perspective, etc. After the stone material is processed and polished by plane, it traces out the patterns and characters, and then engraves the lines according to the picture, with the thickness and depth of the lines, and USES the shadow to reflect the three-dimensional sense.Most of these products are used in the exterior surface decoration of buildings and have strong artistic quality.

4, image carving: in the early years of the "needle black and white" technology based on the development of new crafts.The earliest works are not created by huian artists in the 1960s, because the works are based on photos, so called "image sculpture".This jade carvings in crystal lake engraved sawed into tablet as material, the surface polishing, first using its cut cut can show the characteristics of white spots, with nozzle tool to cut out the size, depth, density, different micro point, only the different levels of black and white, make the image display, not only exquisite lifelike, and unique charm, is a stone to the development of pure art, opened up a new path for stonework production.

In addition, stone carvers through the ages also created a number of round, floating, sinking a variety of techniques both carved pieces.This kind of carving all show more complex content, so adopt the comprehensive technique of floating, sinking and floating in the circle.Although there are many kinds of stone carving products and many classification methods, but its processing procedures are the same, the general choice of stone model making, blank forming, product forming, local carving, polishing, cleaning, product group acceptance and packaging.The traditional manual processing techniques for processing these stone carvings are as follows:

1. "Pinch" : it is the process of making blank samples and also the creation and design process.Some sculptured pieces are sketched before being beaten, some are molded into mud or plaster.

2. "Engrave" : According to the line pattern, first dig out the useless stone inside.

3, "tick" : also known as "pick", according to the graphics to remove the external excess stone.

4, "carving" : is the last carefully cut, so that the carving shape.

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