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Common fault of stone carving machine and its solution

Stone engraving machine in the process of use will occur in some common faults, understand these faults and its solution is very necessary, the following small make up of stone carving machine common five types of faults and their solutions, friends come to see!

Alarm failure

An overpass alarm indicates that the machine has reached the limit position during operation. Please follow the following steps to check:

1. Whether the designed graphic size is beyond the processing scope.

2. Check whether the connection line between the machine motor shaft and the lead screw is loose. If so, tighten the screws.

3. Whether the machine and computer are properly grounded.

4. Whether the current seat value exceeds the soft limit value range.

Over - range alarm and release

In the case of overshoot, all the motion axes are automatically set in the inching state. As long as the manual direction key is pressed all the time, the connected motion state can be resumed at any time when the machine leaves the limit position (i.e., the overshoot point switch).When moving the table, pay attention to the direction of movement, must be away from the limit position;Soft limit alarm should be set in coordinates to reset XYZ

Non-alarm fault

1. If the precision of repeated processing is not enough, check it according to item 2 of Article 1.

2. When the computer is running and the machine does not move, check whether the connection head between the computer control card and the electrical box is loose. If so, insert and tighten the fixing screw.

3. If the machine cannot find the signal when returning to the mechanical origin, check according to article 2.Proximity switch failure at mechanical origin.

The output fault

1. No output, please check whether the computer and the control box are properly connected.

2. Open the Settings of engraving manager, whether the space is full, and delete the files that are not used in the manager.

3. Check whether the signal line is connected or not carefully.

Carving fault

1. Whether the screws in each part are loose.

2. Check whether the path you are dealing with is correct.

3, whether the file is too big computer processing error.

4. Increase or decrease spindle speed to adapt to different materials (generally 8000-24000)

5. Loosen the chuck of the knife, turn the knife and clamp it tightly, put the knife right, so as not to make the carving object unclean.

6, check whether the tool is damaged, put on a new knife, re-carving.

Hope everyone in the process of using stone carving machine, can avoid these faults above, if not your stone carving machine has a problem, please timely contact the stone carving machine manufacturers!

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